Yogah Chitta-vritti Nirodah!

Yogah Chitta-vritti Nirodah!

Yoga simply means doing away with the fluctuations of the mind.

But removing these fluctuations is an idea much deeper than a common man’s understanding, especially the ones who are lost in the noise of development. In the Ashtanga school of yoga, the journey to enlightenment starts from the physical body and then gradually transforms the subtle body within us. Therefore to start any form of yoga, it is extremely important to consider the physical aspects first.

By physical it doesn’t only mean the asanas but also the environment and the routine of disciplines called yamas and niyamas. Yamas are external ethics like non-violence, truthfulness, etc whereas the Niyamas are internal ethics like cleanliness contentment, etc. Both yamas and niyamas are ground rules mostly pertaining to the physical body and affecting the mind eventually. The environment plays an extremely vital role here. People, nature, culture and the unseen vibrations that you feel all the time are part of the environment. The environment affects a person’s will to follow the yogic discipline. Fresh air, greenery and soothing sounds of nature, deepen the experience of yoga. When you are away from brick and mortar and in a peaceful calming environment, the senses get relieved much easily.

At Four Banyans Spirit and Nature Resort one can feel a wave of tranquillity the moment you step inside. Far away from the bothering noise of the city, Four Banyans Nature and Spirit Resort provides a heavenly abode for the transformation of the body and soul you need. They have passionate Yogis on board, who are ready to hold your hands and take you to the world of yoga. The yoga and wellness program at The Four Banyans Nature and Spirit Resort is carefully designed to help you unplug from the digital life and plug into a spiritual one. From mindful asana practice to blissful meditation in the lap of nature, we will provide you with an experience that will last forever.

So just visit us sometime and feel all of this for real! Yoga is slow but a long-lasting change, it keeps you grounded, makes you more patient and more aware of everything around you. The amalgamation of spirit with nature does happen at the resort and I am sure they see its glow reflect on their guests all the time. And even if you don’t enrol for their program, just sit with your eyes closed at their lawns and feel the flow of positive aura fill your senses.

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