Four Banyans Spirit & Nature Resort

Four Banyans Spirit & Nature Resorts in dehradun is a unique experience in itself. It blends peace, luxury and connection with oneself, together. The scenic resort promises best hospitality in this region.

The experiences and services offered provide not only silence on the outside but also within. Spirituality is one of the basic threads that weave this resort.

The Four Banyans Spirit & Nature Resort brings to you opportunities to connect with yourself and your loved ones too. Adventure and spiritual experiences melt together in a manner that rejuvenation is bound to happen.

The lush greens promise a treat to the eyes and the sounds of nature promise a treat to the ears. The experiences offered here engage all the senses leading you into a state where you are most receptive.

Away from the hustle bustle of the town, the resort is located in the lap of the mountains, along the Song River which flows seasonally.

A poetic place that promises a sublime stay.



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