Welcome to Maldevta

Welcome to Maldevta

Dehradun’s canal system is part of its rich heritage which has lost significant amount of its shine with the change of times; As the demand for more space and wider roads is increasing, these canals are being covered up. But if you wanted to witness one last time such splendour of a hydro project, you’ll have to travel to the outskirts of Dehradun city, to this green space called Maldevta. Nestled in the shrubbery besides the seasonal river called Song River and covered with a blanket of hills, Maldevta is the most popular picnic destination of the Doon city.

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            Maldevta is situated at a distance of 22 kms from ISBT Dehradun, near the Raipur area. You can reach this place via city buses, tempos or even your private vehicles. There’s no entry fee to the area, it’s open to all. Besides swimming in the nearby river and/or taking a break from hustle of city life with your friends, you can also visit the Maldevta (Shiva) Temple which is a star attraction, to seek out blessings. Best time to visit this place is from April to July. When you are done with chilling out, visit other nearby attractions like Khalinga War Memorial, constructed by Britishers to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the Battle of Nalapani, or St. Francis Church to light a candle.


         Best resorts in Dehradun Imagine hosting one of your events or ceremonies against the backdrop of this place full of lush and greenery. Well, you are in luck because Four Banyans provides people a chance to make their function even more special, with their banquets arrangements and management services! Not just limited to ceremonies, it also plays host to schools and organizations for an outing, because why roam in malls when you have a place like Maldevta.

            The quaint setup at Maldevta allows it to become a hub of spiritual retreat. The fresh air gushing down from the surrounding Himalayan hills to the valley, the splish splash of the flowing waters of the river Song nearby and the quite minimalistic life of the surrounding hamlets, all contribute to uplift the overall vibes of this area. As you take a stroll through the nature paths, you get humbled with the natural beauty and the rural life you come across. Four Banyans also conducts various activities for yoga, meditation and sound therapy for its visitors.

            From adventure tourism perspective also, Maldevta is ready to pump up your adrenaline levels! It recently concluded its second Maldevta Paragliding Festival which is hosted by the State tourism department in association with Himalayan Aero Sports Association (HASA) and BSF’s Institute of Adventure and Advanced Training (BIAAT). Other than that, you can go for cycling up the hilly areas or take a simple hike to absorb the freshness to your bones. More adventure enthusiasts can go for fall rappelling is the natural mountain streams or rock climbing in its hilly terrain! Cave exploration and body surfing also make it to the list. Now that you’ve packed up your bags to visit this place, must we remind you a thing or two about responsible tourism. It is an irony in itself that even in the year 2020 people have to be reminded about basic things such as throwing garbage only in dustbins. As we have mentioned before, Maldevta is a popular picnic destination. People come, enjoy their time, and leave behind plastic waste and bottles as gratitude (?) Even the locals have been reported dumping wastes in the beautiful canals of Maldevta. Awake and realise, environment protection is the need of the hour!

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