Things to do this summer if you are around Dehradun

Best resorts in Dehradun

Summers are always nearly everyone’s favourites. Not because of the soaring high mercury, but for the fact that it is ‘travel time’.

This summer, if you are around Dehradun, here is a list of things you may want to try.

The drive from the airport to Dehradun via Thano is one of the most picturesque that you will find. Covered in lush greens, imbibing a the thorough spirit of the mountains, this drive feels like a sprinkle of coll mist on a summer day.

On way, if you are travelling towards Mussourie or Dhanaulti, you may want to pick your favorite stick jaws from the famous Ellora bakers on Rajpur road. Dehradun has a plenty of elegant cafe’s that do justice to this place. From quaint Victorian feel at Piccolo Cafe to the young party vibe at Tonic, you have a place for every age and every mood.

Dehradun often is a halt for people trekking upwards. If you are one of them who likes to hit the untraveled pugdandee or trail to Mussourie, you might come across gorgeous mountain villages with their sanctity intact. One of such is the Maldevta village- surviving on its own. However, if a village tour is not all you are looking at, a fabulous hospitable resort awaits you. The Four Banyans Spirit & Nature Resort is where you need to be. Spread at the foothills and a definite pit-stop for Mussourie trekkers, this resort offers luxury tent stays, rooms, pool, lavish food and much more. Basically, a perfect place to rewind and revive. Other than this you may want to visit the typical tourist places. Feel free to hit those places that suit your taste. But we suggest that you cover the above to at least feel Dehradun. There are umpteen spots flocked by tourists and only the locals can guide you to those hidden streams are exquisite Maggi joints. If you wish to find those hidden gems, you will have to bring out the explorer within you, out of the bag, and then experience the ‘in and around’ of this quaint little town.

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