The romance of monsoon

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It’s a refreshing feeling when raindrops trickle down the tired forehead. Watching the lush greens turn into fresh greens is a sight to savor. But what defines rains the best is the romance that it brings along. Romance in nature, the romance between soul, rekindled joy, sparkling eyes, an urge to leave the old and dusty behind and a promise to resurrect.

At such times, what matters the most is a cup of coffee with a perfect backdrop. Mountains which are greener than before and trails which are washed clean. A book in one hand and your favorite song playing on the loop. The very thought is enough to bring a smile and stir an emotion that clearly echoes the need to be in that moment and experience the romance of the rains.

Four Banyans nature and Spirit Resort is definitely a place worth visiting when you can’t find a place that satiates your desire to feel the amour spread around in abundance. A magnificent property that boasts sufficient lush green spaces, perfect sit-outs, gorgeous rooms and comfortable tents. Sipping coffee that hot coffee in this scenic environment is like a cherry on top of a savoury cake.

The beauty of this place is the beautiful silence that allows you to listen to every raindrop falling. The smell of the wet mud and the artistic landscape amidst which it sits. There are not many such places in and around Dehradun that do justice to the monsoon, the way this property does.From food to hospitality everything just falls in the right place.

Other few of my favorite spots definitely would include Cafe’ Piccolo– a quaint little cafe with a Victorian attic; UK Central that overlooks Mussourie from the most scenic angle and captures the floating clouds like no other place; and definitely a drive to Mussourie amidst flowing mist and Gulzar Saahab’s rendition of his favorite creations. Well…I think it is time I stop writing and push off. It has started to the rain and the romantic soul in me feels trapped if I don’t take it somewhere which is a treat to the eye and food for my famished soul.

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