Snowfall In Mussoorie

snowfall in mussoorie

After a jaw-freezing celebration of the New Year in Delhi, the weekend seemed to be a gloomy  space to be in.
With dense fog and the lowest of 118 years, Delhites are not used to such sort of winters. As I sat  snuggled in my quilt with the warmer running at the highest, the newspaper showed pictures of a  snow-covered Mussourie and Dhanaulti, my closest hill station.
The next thing I wanted to do was be there. But how? The hotels in Mussoorie were full and the  roads were packed. But I was resolute on making it to the fresh snow this year.
I had checked the next snow predictions. I packed my bags and decided to halt in Dehradun, first.  The property I decided to pick was a serene, peaceful Four Banyans Nature and Spirit resort. The  property sits in the lap of nature at the foothills of the Mussourie hill. I decided to camp at their  tents and slip-out just when it is time.
So, I plugged in a work-from-home and on Sunday night, reached the resort in Maldevta. As God  may have it, it was already snowing in the Queen of Hills. I spent Sunday night since the rush would  have descended the peak by Sunday evening.
Monday, in the wee hours of the morning, I had made my move. A one and half hour drive was all  filled with excitement. It felt the peaks were playing hide and seek, but I had decided, I wanted to  reach there.
And as God may have planned it, I neared Mussourie and I saw snow. Areas in the proximity too  were snow-clad. I am a coffee-chugging, book-reading monster. The fact that Mr Ruskin Bond is  there in Mussourie was an added advantage.

I checked into one of the hotels on the mall itself. Luckily, I got a room. It was an experience I may  not express in words. But maybe a video taken by an overwhelmed, shaky hand, tells you the story  that ensued.
Hope you too get lucky. All it needs is the determination to be there. But, do plan a proper itinerary  before you jump in for something like this, because, if you are stuck, you may be stuck for long.

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