Dehradun | A Visit to Remember | Four Banyans-Spirit & Nature Resort

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Utilizing time and whiling away time are two different things. My motive every weekend is to find places where I may use my time and not just kill it. This time, I found my lucky star at the Four Banyan Spirit and Nature Resort.

The one thing that attracted me the most about Four Banyans was the bouquet of activities that they offer. They have an inventory for games like Table tennis, volleyball, cycling, badminton, carrom, chess etc. But the real fun lies in doing the guided activities.

We checked-in after monsoons when the valley was filled with lush greenery, the manager suggested that a majestic view awaits us atop the nearby mountain called Dawara. I scheduled a wake-up call for the next morning, and the resort arranged the concerned person to guide us. The round trip was 9 km hike in total, but someone could choose to hike till another point which was half the distance.

Our hike was amazing. We were lucky enough to see peacocks, birds, foxes and deer. The trek had so many new things to offer at every turn that we never felt fatigued. At the end of the hike, we were able to witness the garhwali villagers and their lives, closely. The view from the top was breath-taking.

After returning to the resort, we had a wholesome breakfast and then wore away our tiredness in the pool.

After that, we were a part of a scheduled activity called ‘ The sound Therapy’ – by Komal Batra. A magically spiritual experience stimulated by sound drained all the toxins away from our bodies.

The next morning we scheduled a Yoga and Meditation session. The union of body and soul and the conscious single-pointedness concentration upon one’s well being was the one thing that we needed to improve our lifestyle. After the meditation, one becomes more aware of his/her surroundings. We felt awakened.

We took a walk around the property, and the nameplates before each tree taught us how to distinguish one tree from another.

This is an experience which will stay with me for very long. It is a place that offered a perfect mix of comfort and activities. It will remain on the visit-again list. A place that one must visit if he\she is in or around Dehradun.

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