The Perfect Dining

5 star hotel in dehradun

Dehradun as a city is a melting pot for cuisines. It is a confluence of varied cultures and hence the  taste-buds keep rolling for more options.
From street food to fine dining, Dehradun has it all. And as a food lover, one keeps jumping. A  food-lover can never be a loyal because of the urge to explore and find better options.

There are a couple of places that have never left my mind, ever since I visited them. Four Banyans  Nature and Spirit Resort definitely tops the chart here. The on-site restaurant quietly sits amidst  the lush greens and the seclusion of this exquisite property. It is an experience that will not only  take you down the gastronomical lane but also etch an experience of a lifetime.

The location is just perfect to either sit by the pool and share your meal with your loved ones or  just enjoy a tête-à-tête in the warm restaurant they call Ada. One can enjoy fine dining which is a  bouquet filled with good nutrition with bespoke experience. So, we have the option to pick the  setting of our unique meal, be it by the banks of the river, or on a lush forest ground. The  multi-cuisine restaurant caters to a wide spread of food options and boats that the taste is  authentic as it is derived from freshly home-grown ingredients.

The hospitality here stand a pedestal higher than most of the properties that boast an elegant meal  experience. From smiling faces who serve with immense love, the food itself feels like has been  made with much passion and attention. The meal will speak volumes of the expertise of the kitchen  team. From presentation to taste, they definitely scale a full. The ambience adds to the flavour.  The chef goes out of the way to understand your needs and ensures that you get what you want. It  feels like a princely world where one is taken care with much warmth and regard. “Atithi devo  bahwah..” is what best describes the hospitality and offerings of this property.

What is in it for any food lover or an experience chaser is the taste and the setting combination  that this lovely propery provides. If food, nutrition and location are topping your charts, give Four  Banyans a try. It is a memory that shall linger on for a long long time.

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