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The Perfect Dining

Dehradun as a city is a melting pot for cuisines. It is a confluence of varied cultures and hence the  taste-buds keep rolling for more options. 
From street food to fine dining, Dehradun has it all. And as a food lover, one keeps jumping. A  food-lover can never be a loyal because of the urge to explore and find better options

wedding point in dehradun


The season is right here. People are not only busy in Diwali preps but also all caught up with weddings. I  think, just by looking around, one can feel the hustle in the air. Every second person has a wedding to  attend in the coming months-that means it is indeed - ‘ Shaadi time’.

Yogah Chitta-vritti Nirodah!

Yogah Chitta-vritti Nirodah!

Yoga simply means doing away with the fluctuations of the mind.

But removing these fluctuations is an idea much deeper than a common man’s understanding, especially the ones who are lost in the noise of development. In the Ashtanga school of yoga, the journey to enlightenment starts from the physical body and then gradually transforms the subtle body within us. Therefore to start any form of yoga, it is extremely important to consider the physical aspects first.

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The romance of monsoon

It’s a refreshing feeling when raindrops trickle down the tired forehead. Watching the lush greens turn into fresh greens is a sight to savor. But what defines rains the best is the romance that it brings along.

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A resort you cannot afford to miss

It is not an easy task to find a place that provides peace and calm and at the same time does not take away the charm of luxury and comfort away. On the outskirts of the quaint little town of Dehradun is situated Four Banyans Spirit and Nature Resort.

resorts in dehradun with swimming pool summer enjoy

Say yes to Summers

What is the first thing that comes to your mind while choosing a resort for your summer holiday???

Almost all tourists start planning for their next summer trip months in advance and while they do it, let's be honest, they can never forget the pool and a serene environment while choosing a resort to stay and relax during the sultry weather.

Super Deluxe Room Dehradun

Super Deluxe

Wake up to a complete absence of all the hectic energies of daily life and enjoy the delightful sound of birds chirping in the lush garden. These special rooms at our resort offer a peaceful atmosphere of positive transformation that will sooth your senses and your soul.