wedding point in dehradun

The season is right here. People are not only busy in Diwali preps but also all caught up with weddings. I  think, just by looking around, one can feel the hustle in the air. Every second person has a wedding to  attend in the coming months-that means it is indeed – ‘ Shaadi time’.   Almost every day, I am driving through a Baraat procession on my way back. More Baraats mean more  venues. So, I thought I should try to look for resorts in and around Dehradun which will be all filled with  excitement and festivities. I found many hotels and resorts that could do justice. But one of them blew me  away.

The Four Banyans Nature and Spirit Resort, located near Maldevta in Dehradun is a perfect place to host a  beautiful winter wedding in the hills. And yes, that too an outdoor one. Sprinkle the marigolds, cyans,  emeralds, fuchsia, and you are ready to witness warmth on a cold day.  The resort is located next to a river and surrounded by hills, adding rich colors to the picture palette to  the much-desired photography session during the wedding.   One could have pool-side pheras and by the stream barbeque. Cocktails and meals could be lavishly laid  in and around the restaurant area. The pool deck is spacious enough to even have a musical evening. With  a tie-up, the resort can easily house each and every invitee and turn your wedding into a dreamy, winter  affair. Outdoor bonfires and innumerable activities to keep the guests engaged, one may always plan  something special for the wedding. After all, weddings today are more experiential.

The Pre-functions too can be held at different banquet areas in the property and the mere play of lights  and decors and make this property look like the perfect fairy-tale venue. And if the wedding is well spread  across a couple of days, have the mehndi, sangeet, roka or engagements- everything outdoors.   What adds to this place is its proximity to the Dehradun airport and railway station. One need not worry  about how the guests would commute.

All you need is pack your stuff and reach the venue. You may always hire make-up artists, event managers  etc right from Dehradun- there is no dirth of world-class talent.   If you are about to get married, want it to be a gala affair, want it to be a memorable event with class and  elegance, Four Banyans Nature and Spirit Resort, should be your pick.

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