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dehradun luxury resorts

It is not an easy task to find a place that provides peace and calm and at the same time does not take away the charm of luxury and comfort away. On the outskirts of the quaint little town of Dehradun is situated Four Banyans Spirit and Nature Resort. A perfect place to escape the mundane and enjoy the exquisite.Their calm and peaceful environment is just perfect to cool off a busy, hectic schedule. One can enjoy the lush greens, wake up to the chirping birds and bask in the comfort this huge place provides.

They have well maintained and elegant rooms that bring the luxurious comfort of a city to the foot of the mountains. One of their main attractions are the luxury tents which allow the guests to get closer to nature. These are thoughtfully furnished with various amenities. Then they also provide a royal suite for those who like to stay polished. The rooms offer all the modern amenities to make your stay comfortable, including a mini bar. The hospitality is amazing. It is fully decked for you to enjoy and forget everything behind.

This resort is for everyone. From romance seekers to loners; from families to college friends, this place caters to all. This resort has some amazing mix of activities. Some of those are meditation and Ananda yoga that will help one calm the body, mind and soul. Sound therapy, which can elevate the guest to a higher level of consciousness and help de-stress.

That is just spiritual health being catered to and this is not all. The resort has sufficient activities for those who love adventure and outdoors. From Village walk, that trails through the local village and allows one to experience local life and cuisine to the mountain trails that take the guests to unparalleled views, there are a lot of walks to enjoy.And if walking is boring, one can take a cycle and travel through predetermined routes that allow serenity and bliss. And not only days but beautiful nights too are ensured. From night walks to stargazing, watching the dark mountains to seeing beautiful sunrises, this resort is a place for all of it.

And if all of this still sounds less, for the adventure deficient, there is rappelling and trekking too. From longer treks to fun treks, packed meals on the go to candle-light sundowners; this is one impeccable place to be. And yes, the pool in the lap of the mountains should not be missed.

This place is a perfect answer for a perfect weekend, long vacation

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